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I had the opportunity to study the art of photography by learning things I had never imagined. As a student, I was introduced to the process of developing film and the way photos were printed from analog cameras in the past.

When the time for the first wedding came , I realized how beautiful it is to meet new people , to be trusted from the first moment and to bond so suddenly , to be there with them on the most beautiful day of their lives, to live their longing and   anguish , to capture their true happiness , to feel that the emotions they are experiencing at that moment will "freeze" in your images and will exist forever!

This is something I want to have in my life, to be my future!

I have always wanted to evolve, to learn, to see new things - this has been a life dream. I have also worked on architecture photography, capturing buildings and seeing the city where I live from a different perspective. 

I liked it !

I kept observing the shadows and lines of the buildings that the sunlight created.

Wedding photography
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family or couple photoshoot  in one of the most beautiful  island , Paros! 

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