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Family Photo.jpg


Family photoshoot with Tony & Olivia 

Tony & Olivia were visited with their children the island of Paros , Cyclades. They came from Italy to have special vacations moments that were captured on my photos.

Happiness , joy and love were the feelings that prevailed in their villa.

I was in love with kid's laughs and smiles. 

It was such a lovely and kind family and I was pleased to meet them. 

Proposal photoshoot Natali & Ruben

Natalie and Ruben visited the island of Paros in the summer for vacations.

Ruben had prepared to propose marriage to her in the church where Natalie was baptized.

She did not understand anything, until he knelt on one knee and proposed to her. Natalie was in shock , she was crying very much and she felt into his hug. Then after the surprise, we had a small photoshoot all around of this wonderful church.